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Each keyword links to all of the open tickets mentioning that keyword. If you find existing tickets that are missing keywords, please feel free to add them.

  • no keywords (271): open tickets with no keywords
  • anonymity (10): relevant to running Tahoe-LAFS nodes across anonymity-enhancing protocols such as Tor and I2P (should usually also be tagged with 'privacy')
  • self-contained (3): Tasks that are self-contained and don't involve a ton of Tahoe-specific knowledge/experience
  • anti-censorship (22): could help with resistance to censorship or denial of service
  • availability (43): could lead to a temporary condition of being unable to read or write to the filesystem
  • capleak (23): could lead to the unintended disclosure of capabilities
  • cleanup (23): code clean-up / refactoring
  • compression (4): having to do with compressing the plaintext
  • confidentiality (28): could lead to the unintended disclosure of file contents
  • defaults (4): having to do with the default settings for configuration parameters
  • docs (76): fixing this issue involves updating documentation
  • error (103): concerned with error reporting to end-users
  • extensibility (4): extensibility and customization mechanisms
  • firewall (11): firewall and NAT traversal issues
  • forward-compatibility (24): relevant to forward compatibility of stored data or caps with future Tahoe versions
  • gsoc (6): could be part of a suitable Google Summer of Code project
  • hang (15): could cause an operation to hang, either indefinitely or for long periods
  • heisenbug (7): bugs that are not easily reproducible so far
  • i18n (7): related to internationalization (usually also to Unicode)
  • install (8): installation problems
  • integrity (32): could lead to the unintended alteration of data
  • iputil (4): having to do with automatically detecting the node's own IP address
  • large (8): affecting large files or directories
  • location (6): concerned with location awareness -- placement of shares according to topographical, geographical, bandwidth, etc. constraints
  • mdmf (10): MDMF — Medium-Sized Distributed Mutable Files
  • memory (22): an opportunity to improve memory usage (should usually also be tagged with 'performance')
  • new-user (4): issues that affect users who are new to Tahoe-LAFS
  • newcaps (36): relevant to NewCapDesign
  • newurls (22): relevant to improvements in encoding caps as URLs
  • ostrom (7): having to do with Elinor Ostrom's theory of governance of the commons (as applied to Tahoe-LAFS resources such as storage service)
  • p2p (4): Is Tahoe-LAFS client-server or is it peer-to-peer?
  • performance (119): an opportunity to improve some aspect of performance (speed, latency, bandwidth, space usage, etc.)
  • preservation (44): could lead to unintended loss of (failure to preserve) data
  • privacy (23): could lead to the unintended disclosure of information other than file contents (e.g. how many files of what size you access at what times, the shape of your directory graph, the fact that you run a Tahoe-LAFS client or storage server, etc.)
  • reliability (38): could lead to unpredictable failure of functionality
  • research (13): things that might be good topics for a Master's Thesis or even a PhD Thesis, or at least a part of one
  • revocation (9): revoking an authority previously granted
  • rollback (7): could lead to unauthorized rollback to an earlier version of data
  • scalability (16): scaling to large and/or geographically dispersed storage grids, or to high traffic volumes or numbers of clients
  • security (56): security issues not necessarily tagged with a more specific keyword (confidentiality, integrity, etc.)
  • servers-of-happiness (23): having to do with the "servers of happiness" upload semantics (see ticket #778)
  • space-efficiency (14): an opportunity to improve space-efficiency of stored files
  • standards (16): compliance to standards (HTTP, HTML etc.)
  • test (71): additional or better test coverage needed
  • time (11): having to do with time and clocks
  • transparency (26): features that help the user see and understand the inner workings, such as visualization, statistics, explorability
  • ucwe (10): an UncoordinatedWriteError is triggered when it should not be, or vice versa
  • unicode (9): related to Unicode
  • usability (205): concerned with ease of use (interface or mental models)
  • websec (19): interaction between LAFS's security model and the web user interface or web API

Combined queries:

Platform keywords

See also eggs (2): tickets about building binary eggs of dependencies.


Frontends and applications

  • dokan (2): filesystem access via Dokan
  • ftpd (7): FTP frontend
  • fuse (10): FUSE filesystem interface
  • iphone (0): iPhone client
  • jsui (4): JavaScript (probably Cajita) user interface
  • magic-folder (5): Magic Folder frontend
  • music (2): Cloud music player
  • pyfilesystem (3): pyfilesystem library (and its Dokan and TahoeLAFS interfaces)
  • sftp (36): SFTP frontend
  • smb (3): SMB filesystem interface (WinFUSE)
  • sshfs (9): filesystem access via sshfs
  • tiddly (10): Tiddly-on-Tahoe wiki
  • webdav (5): (hypothetical) WebDAV frontend
  • webdrive (0): webdrive user interface
  • wui (72): Web user interface


Development infrastructure

  • ci (22): automated builds by ci
  • coverage (2): test coverage analyzer
  • git (8): git revision control system
  • irc (2): IRC bots for #tahoe-lafs channel
  • munin (1): munin plugins
  • release (3): related to the release process
  • trac (9): trac bug tracker and wiki
  • travis (0): automated builds by travis

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